Sales Agent Job Description:


§  Understands cars by studying their features, capabilities, as well as comparing competitive models

§  Develops buyers by keeping good rapport with previous and new customers; also by suggesting trade-ins; respond to inquiries; recommend sales campaigns and promotions

§  Qualifies buyers by understanding their interests, requirements; and matching requirements and interests to various models

§  Closes sales by overcoming objection(s); completes sales or purchase contracts; explains provisions; offers services, warranties, and financing and delivers automobiles

§  Explores new opportunities to add value to job accomplishments

§  Figures out customer’s needs by listening and asking questions

§  Performs walk-around with new and old customers and demonstrates features of suitable vehicles

§  Effectively closes sales

§  Ensures that customers understand the vehicle’s operating features, paperwork, and warranty

§  Establishes and maintains follow-up system, which encourages repeat business and referrals

§  Reports to the sales manager regarding reviews, analyses, objectives, and planned activities

§  Participates in sales meetings and training provided by the dealership

§  Reviews sales statistics and plans more effectively to improve sales


Sales Agent Position Requirements:


§  At least one year of sales or vehicle sales experience

§  Possesses understanding and knowledge of equity and values, automobile depreciation, and local, state and federal laws that guide the automobile industry

§  Must be excellent at communicating information to visitors and inquirers

§  Possesses good dress sense that portrays neat and smart personality

§  Must be able to sell minimum quota according to dealership standards

§  Must be aggressive in selling and possess a positive attitude

§  Must be fluent in English and Spanish

Please CLICK HERE to apply for the Sales Agent Position. After we complete our candidates' evaluations, you will be notified by e-mail if you are selected to be interviewed. The hiring process could take up to two weeks or more. You may contact us by e-mail at if you have any further question, though we advise that you wait at least 10 days after you have submitted your application to allow us time for processing. Thank you for your interest in joining our Sales Team at Luxury Cars Outlet.